Basics of Clean Eating

A NEW way to eat for optimal health – NOT another diet

Plan your meals

Plan your meals
Use your CELW Journal to keep track of your meals

Eat Six Meals A Day

Eat Six Meals a day every 2-3 hours
Drink 2 glasses of Water when you wake up
at least 2 liters/day

No Sugar

NO Sugar or Sugar Substitutes!
Avoid eating any foods that contain sugar
or sugar substitutes

No sugar substitutes

Know the “Code Names” for sugar
Explore Natural Alternative Sugars

Avoid Chemicals

Avoid Chemicals and Processed Foods
Count Chemicals NOT Calories

No wheat

Wheat allergy or not there are Wheat Free Alternatives
for optimal health

Portion Size

Eat Balanced Portions
Know what Portion Size to eat

Lean Protein

Combine Lean Protein, Complex Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats for a balanced diet

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Seasonal and local is the best choice

If you don’t know what it is in your food, Don’t Eat It!
The only place to look for what is really in your food is on the Ingredient Label on the back of the product


There’s nothing you can do about the past. But you can do a great deal about your future.
You don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday. You can make changes in your life–absolutely startling changes–in a fairly short time.

You can make changes you can’t even conceive of now, if you give yourself a chance.?
~ Jim Rohn