3/11/12 CELW Workshop – Alternative Sugars And Flours


The Truth about Flours and Sugars

In small, infrequent quantities, flour and sugar do not hurt us. However, consumption of vast quantities, like most Americans consume, can and do affect our whole physical being. At an average consumption of one pound per person per day, we are soaked in sugars

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Choose the best sources of carbohydrates

Choose the best sources of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide the body with fuel it needs for physical activity and for proper organ function, and they are an important part of a healthy diet. Whole grains and sprouted grains are your best bet. The less processed – the better.

Some “Good Carbs” are brown rice, wild

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Please add Your Photo to CELW Profile

Hello Clean Eating Friends

If you have joined the community and have not added a photo please take the time to do that now.

I want to see your smiling face on the site. If you tried and have been unsuccessful please try again.

When you add photo

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Start where you are .......... but just start!

Starting 2012 from the Inside Out, Feed Your Heart


Love Passionately, Be Determined, Have Faith,Stay Positive, Appreciate Everything,

Evolve Peacefully, Accept Change AND… Always Celebrate your successes along the way!


Purpose of the Day: Learn what foods to Eat to feed your Heart!

February is American Heart Month, come do your part for

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Oat Meal Pancakes, No Syrup Needed!

Oat Meal Pancakes – No Syrup Needed!

Hello Clean Eaters…

I have been working on a way to make pancakes without Wheat or Sugar.

Yes it’s true and you wont even need Syrup!

My mom was here over the weekend so I tested it out on her, it was a hit, so here you

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Facebook post

Hello Everyone

We have been reworking CELW and will be continuing to add new content and features in the weeks to come. We have all kinds of ideas on how to improve not only the content but some new and exciting features. We have reworked the member features and added a forum. At this

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