Alternative Flours

Did you know that ALL Flours are a processed food and can cause a spike in your blood sugar. If you chose to eat any flour it should only be eaten in moderation as part of clean eating meal plan. Your best option when eating bread from wheat is to eat bread made from sprouted wheat.

If your goal is to lose weight, you should avoid eating any wheat, barley or rye, including any bread made with the flour from these three grains.

  • Wheat, barley and rye are high on the glycemic index chart making them “bad” carbohydrates. They can rapidly raise your blood sugar, trigger insulin and raise your blood fats (triglycerides) causing your body to go into fat storing mode.
  • Wheat, barley and rye contain a protein called gluten. This protein is sometimes hard for our bodies to digest even if you are not gluten-sensitive.

If you suspect you’re gluten-sensitive or want to see if you, give up gluten for two weeks, then reintroduce it and see how you react. Your body will let you know. It’s a very powerful way to find out if gluten affects you.

Be careful when purchasing and using “Gluten Free” pre-mixed flour mixes. Most can contain a man made product called Xanthan Gum that is used to replace the gluten in wheat, barley and rye flours. Xanthum Gum was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture while it was doing experiments involving bacteria and various sugars to develop a new thickening agent similar to corn starch. Xanthan gum is used as a stabilizer or thickener and can be found in salad dressing and sauces, frozen foods and beverages.

There are alternative flours that will benefit you, even if you don’t have a gluten or wheat allergy. Here are a few healthier options for you to try:

Alternative Flours

Quinoa flour A high protein flour that has vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, E, folic acid, niacin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, 20 amino acids(including the “10 essential amino acids) This flour has a light pleasant taste and combines well with other flours, making it my favorite flour to use.
Brown Rice Flour Milled from unpolished brown rice this flour has more nutrients than white rice flour. It has more oils than wheat flour but has a shorter shelf life.
Sorghum Flour High in soluble fiber with a taste very similar to wheat. It works best if combined with a starch, such as potato or corn starch.
Almond Meal Flour Made from blanched almonds. Great source of protein, fiber, vitamin E and Magnesium