My desire for change came when my doctor said my cholesterol levels were high and we would need to consider medication if I was unable to control them with improving my diet.

My mother led the way when she started the process of eating the diabetic diet and my cousin Becky and I quickly joined in.

From there my cousin and I took it to the next level with ordering the Slim in 6 work out videos. Together we started our own support system and from the comfort of our own homes began moving our bodies.

Becky then took it to the next level by researching Clean Eating and found Andrea Albright

My first reaction was it would be to hard and I was not willing to give up that much. Soon after seeing her get smaller and smaller I joined in too.

She inspired me and together we learned how to honor our bodies and create optimal health. It was fun and became our focus above everything else.

We talked daily about food and read and researched. We started shopping at new places trying new foods and really having a blast!

It was different from any other “Diet” I had ever tried. AND it was working!

I was loosing 2 lbs a week. I looked forward to my daily workout and to my meals every two hours.

I developed a love for cooking that has not stopped. AND  You never get tired of hearing how great you look!




The changes I am most proud of:

I am no longer in danger of diabetes and all my health numbers are perfect.

I have developed a love for running, I have completed a half marathon and currently training for a full.

The understanding and respect I now have for my body, I love and respect the food that fuels me.

I have been an inspiration to my children; my oldest son is currently studying to become a chief and dreams of owning his own restaurant that serves meals that are free of chemicals and processed foods.

My youngest is always my biggest fan and keeps me on track. I am proud to have broken the cycle of mindless eating, although he does not always make the best choices with his eating, he does read the labels and is aware of what choices he is making.