Hi! My Name is Sheila Rowland,

I started on the path of Clean Eating in January of 2010.

It was also the year I turned 40 and weighed in at 186!

AND the year my mother was diagnosed with sugar diabetes.

I am now in the best shape of my life, weighing in at 120 from 186.

I am a size 6 from a size 14, forty can be fabulous!

Thanks to Clean Eating I am no longer in danger of sugar diabetes.

To view my before and after photos, view celebrate success

Clean Eating Living Well is a direct request from my friends, family, clients and business mentors, who have inspired me to share my story, create a support system for busy women who desire optimal health.

I understand how difficult it can be to form new habits that stick and release old habits that are holding you back. I work with a lot of busy professionals who don’t have time, and that’s ok.

You can still be Successful and Healthy!

My wish is that in these pages not only will you find something that will inspire, uplift and encourage you, I intend to make it convenient and fun to learn a new way to eat.

Eating for optimal health is a lifetime change to feeding your body and soul!

I hope my story will inspire you to movement. You can do it!

Pay it forward, Share Your Success

These pages are also a place to get support, share your challenges along the way. You are NOT alone!

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